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The Cats Life Set of 3 Fragrance Oils is perfect for cat lovers and anyone who wants to add a touch of sweetness to their living space.


Each fragrance oil is made with high-quality ingredients that will fill your home with a delightful aroma of fresh fruits.


Use them individually or mix and match to create your own unique scent.


Experience the sweet and playful fragrance of Cats Life today

Height 6cm, Width 2.5cm, Depth 2.5cm

10ml bottles

Cat's Life Fragrance Oils

  • How to use:

    Just half fill the dish of an oil or wax burner with water and add a few drops of your chosen fragrance oil. Light the tea light candle or turn on your electric burner and within 10 minutes your favourite aromas will fill the air.

    Size: 10ml

    Material: Fragrance Oils (Synthetic Fragrance)

    Number in Set: 3

    For Use With: Oil Burners, Lamp Rings, Reed Diffusers and Dried Flowers.

    Packaging: 10ml Bottle

    Vegan: Yes

    Cruelty Free: Yes

    Dimensions:Height 6cm Width 2.5cm Depth 2.5cm10ml Fl.oz 0.3


    Do not consume

    Do not touch hot oils

    Do not use on skin

    Keep out of reach of pets and children

    Only use in a suitable burner or lamp.

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