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Ceramic Heart Shaped Double Dish Oil and Wax Burner


A stylish alternative to a standard single dish wax burner. Featuring a double deep dish, this burner is perfect for your favourite scented wax melts. The double dish allows you to mix up the fragrances as well as offering a stronger scent and longer lasting aroma.


This burner would make a great addition to any room and keep your home smelling gorgeous all day long! This oil burner can also be used as a gorgeous display ornament.


This modern double dish heart wax burner comes in 3 colours:

White, Black, Grey


How to use:

Place a lit tea light in the bottom of the burner, put your wax melt shapes into the dish into the top. The tea light will warm up the burner melting the wax and releasing all the fragrances into the air.


These can also be used with water and fragranced oil. Do not overfill the dish


To clean the wax out once all the fragrance has been used, all you need to do is warm up the wax with a tea light and use a large cottom pad to soak up the melted wax, you may need a couple to ensure all the wax has been removed. Dispose of the pads correctly and place your next wax melts in the dish ready to melt.


Material: Ceramic

Suitable for Use With: Water and oils, wax tarts, wax melts or granules. Candle Included: No

Wax, Oil or Granules Included: No

Safety Information: Always read and follow the instructions that come with this product. Use a good quality standard tea light and do not overfill the dish.


Do not touch the burner when hot. 

Ceramic Heart Shaped Double Dish Wax Oil Burner

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  • Please only burn on a suitable heatproof tray.

    Keep away from young children and pets.

    Do not touch when burning.

    Do not consume.


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