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Transform your meditation space with our Lotus Chakra Incense Stick Holder.


This modern take on the traditional incense stick holder features a stunning copper look with a lotus flower base and 7 coloured gems representing each chakra.


Intricately carved mandalas, petals and swirl design add a touch of elegance to your decor. As the incense stick burns, enjoy the release of beautiful aromas into the air.


Experience the perfect balance of style and function with this gorgeous vertical ashcatcher.


Dimensions: Height 23.5cm Width 6cm Depth 7cm

Lotus Chakra Incense Stick Holder

  • Light the end of the stick until it is glowing red, blow it out and place your stick in the allocated hole of the burner. 

    Once the sticks have burnt fully, dispose of the sticks and ash dropped into the non recyclable bin and get ready to light the next fragrance.


    Individually boxed


    Do not leave unattended

    Do not touch lit cones

    Keep out of reach of children and pets

    Do not consume

    Burn on a suitable heatproof tray or plate

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