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Our Stamford Incense Sticks - Premium Range offers a wide range of fragrances that will entice your senses.


With 1 box of 20 sticks, each stick guarantees a burn time of around 20-30 minutes, leaving your space with a lasting aroma.


Even after the incense stick has finished, the fragrance will linger for hours, creating a relaxing and peaceful atmosphere.


Choose from a variety of scents that will suit your mood and preferences.


Experience a delightful scent journey with Stamford Incense Sticks - Premium Range.

Stamford Incense Sticks - Premium Range

  • Light the end of the stick until it is glowing red, blow it out and place your backflow cone in the top of the burner. 

    Once the sticks have burnt fully, dispose of the sticks and ash dropped into the non recyclable bin and get ready to light the next fragrance.

    Please only burn on a suitable holder, tray or dish.

    Do not touch when burning. 

    Keep away from small children.

    Do not consume.

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